About the Authors

David Milliken

David has over 20 years experience of designing and delivering immersive learning solutions to the world’s largest and most progressive organizations. He has led major transformation initiatives, developed sales support infrastructures, and set innovative marketing and new product development agendas for multiple global and national organizations. David is widely regarded as an expert in simulations and serious games and their application to solve complex business problems; he consults with companies like Eli Lilly, FedEx, The Limited, AOL Time Warner, and Kimberly Clark. Read more about David Milliken

Robert Coates

Robert Coates has over 25 years of experience designing and facilitating corporate communications and employee development sessions. He is a catalyst for the motivation, understanding, confidence, and competence needed for successful communication and learning. His experience in design, delivery, and management processes results in new behaviors and skills. As a consultant, clients often comment on how quickly Robert is able to grasp their business challenges, understand their objectives and develop team alignment around creative solutions. Read more about Robert Coates

Donna Burnette

Donna K. Burnette has over 25 years of business and consulting expertise. Recently she partnered with Stephen M.R. Covey to build a discovery learning simulation based on the bestselling book, The Speed of Trust. A frequent conference speaker, she is sought as a presenter on the topics of trust and discovery learning. Read more about Donna Burnette

Lynne Hambleton

Lynne Hambleton has over 25 years of business experience in consulting services, product marketing, strategic planning, sales operations, customer support and training in companies spanning many industries and sizes. Hambleton has guided organizational transformations, redirected troubled projects to successful completion, conducted workshops, and coached clients on business process improvement projects. Recent engagements included sales force effectiveness, strategic marketing re-alignment, product/services development, commercialization process, talent development, and organization/cultural transformation to project-centric operations for organizations like Johnson & Johnson, BD, Merck, Logitech and Citi Corp. Read more about Lynne Hambleton

Bruce Lewolt

Bruce is an author, innovator in learning practices, and holder of a US Patent for his proprietary online learning technologies, that are based in research from the cognitive sciences. He is co-author of the Simon and Schuster audio book called, 30-Days To A More Powerful Brain, and a frequent presenter at education conferences.

With over 20 years of experience in new product development, Bruce brings a unique perspective to enhancing performance that is informed by the latest research from the fields of neurobiology, cognitive psychology, education, and computer science.

Bruce began his career as a software architect specializing in expert systems and artificial intelligence. This led to a curiosity of how people learn, and ultimately, to his in-depth research on what the best practices are that separate the most successful students from those who do not learn as effectively. He discovered that the most significant predictor of academic success was not raw intelligence, but rather the systematic application of a set of strategies that Bruce named “Expert Learning Strategies.” In 2003, Bruce codified these strategies in his book, Getting A’s: Secrets Expert Learners Use To Get Straight A’s. The book teaches how to increase personal performance by becoming expert learners. The methods work. Bruce’s strategies have helped thousands of students go from C and D students to A students.

Bruce continued his research in the specialized area of the neurobiology of learning. Working with some of the best neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists in the world, Bruce quickly realized that although the expert learning strategies he had researched earlier were effective, there were even better, more efficient ways to learn based on research into how the brain organizes information. This inspired his design and development of an e-learning system, which uses intelligent learning agents to help anyone learn any subject matter in the most effective way. This technology was granted one of the most extensive U.S. patents ever approved in the area of online learning.

Steve Mosley

Steve Mosley is a master facilitator in the area of Emotional Intelligence, and a training and leadership development veteran with more than three decades of success working for large corporations.

As a highly regarded Emotional Intelligence facilitator and coach, Steve has earned certification as an interpreter of the EQ-I and EQ-360 assessment instruments.

Steve brings real-world experience at all levels: from entry-level facilitation to senior executive coaching. With his outcomes-based focus, he provides facilitation, coaching and consulting to bring about transformation for organizations; and increased skills, knowledge and confidence for the people within them.

Steve recently designed and executed a comprehensive Leadership Development program for more than 3,000 leaders in a Fortune 300 company. The program included curriculum to support developing a values based culture, 360 assessments, professional coaching, development courses and workshops, and incorporating the values into performance reviews and succession planning.

Steve received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from Arkansas State University.