Can an eSimulation be Better than a Live Action Role-Play?

You May Be Surprised


Introducing PeopleSIM

This immersive eSimulation challenges experienced and high potential leaders to apply coaching concepts in realistic settings while receiving immediate and continuous feedback.

How can an eSimulationcome this close to delivering real coaching?

  • A voice-activated human interface delivers real-time interactions
  • Combines emotional-state rules & probabilities
  • The character’s mood will change based on their questions
  • Simulated characters “remember” the user’s questions and statements
  • Each statement the learner makes has an effect on the character’s emotional state
  • Negative statements may cause the character to become sad or angry
  • Positive statementscanmake the character
    warmer and more approachable

No other training solution on the market even comes close to delivering the realism!

Steve Mosley

Steve brings 15 years of experience as a Vice President of Training for a Fortune 300 company. Under Steve’s leadership, his organization was acknowledged as one of Training Magazine’s Top
100 Training Companies in American for six Consecutive years.

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Join us for a Free Webinar! May 9th @ 1:30 EST

During the info session and demonstration, you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek at PeopleSIMâ„¢: Performance Coaching and get to see first-hand how this revolutionary new program will change the way you groom your next generation of High-Potential Leaders!


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