Free webinar. Learn how organizations are using eBooks in their training and communication initiatives

I wanted to give you a quick introduction to an innovative new design model that one of our Partners: Noggin Labs has developed: e-Books. e-Books take traditional print media to a new level – presenting content in a contemporary online format that weaves in interactive elements such as embedded videos, multi-selects, animations and assessment questions (similar to Wall Street Journal online,, iPad magazine applications, etc.).

Many clients are finding creative uses for e-Books. For example: replacing pre-work for Instructor-led materials, creating interactive book summaries of industry publications, or even simply bringing life to dry reference material. And since e-Books allow for bookmarking and tracking, clients can track who has accessed and completed the material.

e-Books are a visually pleasing and cost-effective way to deliver communication and knowledge transfer to a wide audience while avoiding the trap of poor “click next, click next” e-Learning.

I would like to invite you to join us for a webinar that will be delivered by NogginLabs on Monday, August 15th at noon Eastern. At that time, they will provide demonstrations of e-Books and answer any questions you may have.

Please register by Thursday, August 11th if you are interested and I will send along the web link and conference line information.

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