Your Holiday Gift Hunting Begins Right Here… On the Blueline Website!

Ready to have some holiday fun, and win an Amazon gift card from Blueline Simulations?

Here’s how it works. We have hidden a little blue present (like the one seen in the photo) somewhere blue-presenton the Blueline Simulations website. All you have to do is click around until you find it. No one gets trampled in the process… and even better, you can click on the present to enter your name for a $10 Amazon gift card!

At Blueline Simulations, the holiday season is a great time to think about the relationships that we enjoy with our client partners all year long. We’d love for you to take a closer look at our offerings and the unique “Blueline way” that makes us the leader in “all things simulation.”

So start clicking. Find the gift. And then let’s talk about the greater gift of an ongoing relationship built on value…and values.

Contest rules:

  • When you find the blue gift, click on it and enter your name to win one of ten $10 dollar gift cards.
  • We will award two gift cards each week, all through the month of December.
  • If you are a winner, we’ll contact you directly and send your gift card via email.

Happy hunting and Happy Holidays! (And by the way — have you ever noticed that Blueline’s CEO, David Milliken, looks kind of like Santa Claus? Hmmm…)

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