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“90 percent of the information employees take action on comes from people in their network.”
Rob Cross, professor of management at the University of Virginia and Research Director of The Network Roundtable

If Mr. Cross is correct then the question becomes how readily available is that information to your employees?

In today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing business environments, effective information flow is the life-blood of the organization. How quickly and efficiently information can flow through your organization determines how quickly you can innovate, respond to new customer demands, spot emerging opportunities, and leverage your human assets.

Many companies initially implemented intranets as a way to disseminate information and keep employees informed. Unfortunately, most intranets are top down approaches where information flows in one direction, or at best provides for comments, or occasionally surveys to gather employee input. This one-way communication structure fails to tap into the power of the network, which more and more research is showing to be crucial to both individual and organizational success.

Fortunately, the accelerating pace of change is also bringing us new tools and technologies to accelerate the vital flow of information through our organizations. The challenge today is not in finding a tool for sharing information, but in finding one that is easily accessible, readily adopted by your employees, and secure. And once you’ve found such a tool, you’re at the mercy of an overwhelmed IT group to implement and manage it, which often results in extended delays.

Boost!, Blueline Simulations’ latest product offering, is a turn-key solution tailor made to address these challenges.

boostWith Boost! you can quickly and easily provide a secure, managed environment that allows you to harness the power of your organization’s collaborative intelligence. As easy to navigate, as it is to implement, Boost! provides for Communities of Practice (CoP) to share best practices, ask questions, and explore innovative ideas quickly and easily. With it’s easy implementation of Groups, Social Learning networks can develop and grow organically. And as more people engage and use it to help them accomplish their work, its Tags and Search functions make it easy to find the relevant information needed to further your organization’s goals.

Available as either a subscription (SaaS) or hosted internally, Boost! can easily fit the needs of all organizations from small business or non-profits, to global enterprises. Call us to schedule a demo of what Boost! can do for your organization.

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