Enjoy some holiday fun with Frosty’s Holiday Challenge


Statistically, only about 20 percent of those of you who were born before 1970 are predisposed to computer games. The rationale is simple. You, like me, had to save your quarters and hitch a ride to the arcade to enjoy the thrill of Asteroids or Pacman. Whereas, about 80 percent of those of you born after 1970 love computer games — many believe that it is because you grew up with a Nintendo game player (or Atari) in your home.

Let’s see if the statistics apply to you. Try your hand at Frosty’s Holiday Challenge.

Despite 6 or 7 efforts over a (deliberately undisclosed) period of time, I never got to see Frosty’s special holiday message. But an interesting thing happened, for that short period, I lost sight of the myriad of stresses that the end of the year brings and got lost in Frosty’s virtual reality. I invite you to take a few minutes to do the same.

My 14 year old son defeated the game in 2 minutes 35 seconds… which is the best reported time to date. Please share it with your friends and family and comment on your results.

Wishing you and your family a safe and blessed holiday season!


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